About Uproot


Imagine a world where nothing is wasted. Where we assign value to conscious living, conserve our natural resources and empower communities to make more ethical choices. This is what we are working towards at Uproot.

Uproot was founded in January 2015 by a group of individuals connected by a collective passion for transforming our relationship with resources, elevating perceptions of materials and empowering the community through sharing knowledge.

An astonishing amount of Vancouver’s landfill is comprised of wood: a large portion of this coming from the booming local construction industry. Since inception, we have reclaimed thousands of board feet of material by working with companies who send a surprising portion to the landfill regularly. 

We are committed to sustainability at every level of our workflow. Our materials are locally sourced, and we work with networks of environmentally conscious citizens who are devoted to changing practices. We see this social enterprise as a vehicle for social and environmental change. We hope to influence public opinions and policy surrounding waste in Vancouver, sparking a transformation throughout the world. Our name exemplifies our mission statement: we want to uproot the status quo. 

We are always looking for collaborative opportunities with change-makers. If you'd like to connect with our team, please reach us at hello@uprootnow.com or click the button below.