Fall in Love with Zero-waste Practices and Products

Eco-Love is a local Vancouver business that is making waves with a growing collection of organic all natural beauty products. Everything they make is natural, non-toxic and sourced with zero-waste methods. We got the chance to connect with Eco-Love back during Vines Art Festival. Hearing that their operation is all about zero-waste practices, we were so excited to imagine the possibilities of future collaborations. This week we created soap holders that will be packaged with their soaps. Be sure to check out their selection here!

Created from dimensional pine lumber, the raw wood matches Eco-Love’s promise for delivering products that are all-natural, free of plastics and packaging that is re-usable. I will share my process of how I made these. To allow for adequate drainage, the initial cuts are slots that are ripped along the grain. Next are cross-cuts (on a jig) keeping the size consistent. Last cuts are to slot the bottom crosswise on the table saw to connect with the top slots. Finally each soap holder is sanded. I did not apply any synthetic finishes to these, although if the need arises in the future they might be treated in our natural wood wax.

It’s amazing to have the opportunity to collaborate with other passionate change-makers taking on waste reduction practices. Today marks the beginning of National Waste Reduction Week, happening across Canada. This initiative aims to empower Canadians to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. The Recycling Council of British Columbia has some fantastic resources for getting your school, business or municipality involved.

If you’re looking to collaborate on an incredible waste reducing initiative, we would love to connect!

Thumbnail Source http://www.ecolove.ca