The Urban Source for Sustainable Art

As an environmentally-conscious art student, I am often looking for materials that will make my pieces stand out and fall in line with my own values. I was introduced to Urban Source on 3126 Main Street about a year ago and it has never ceased to amaze me. The small store sells all sorts of art supplies as well as a plethora of unused offcuts and waste materials from over 100 different local industries: you won’t find this kind of variety anywhere else in the city. Customers have the option of buying single items throughout the store, or grabbing a small, medium or large bag and filling it with odds and ends from the bulk barrels for a flat rate.

Not only is the store chock-a-block full of colourful and unusual supplies, there are also tonnes of art projects around the store to kindle your imagination and give you ideas of how to use non-traditional materials. The friendly staff are very knowledgeable and willing to help you out if you have any questions and they run various workshops for teachers, students and group leaders. If you’re into collage, mixed media, crafting, card-making, jewelry-making or really anything creative, this store will have something to interest and inspire you.

My favourite part of the experience that is Urban Source, is that it always ignites my imagination about what waste can be. And how it really isn’t even waste at all. Urban Source is an inspiration to me as a champion of the circular economy as their business model benefits all involved: the industry, community, customers and environment.