Together We Can Create More With Less

I will be creating some beautiful raw wooden serving boards for “Replated”, an evening of storytelling and upcycled dining. Hosted by Feeding the 5K Vancouver and Food Connections, and in partnership with Farm to Food Bank; this will be an evening of gourmet eating showcasing what is possible with rescued food. As someone who loves food and reducing waste, I am delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to this event.

I believe that it is so important to continue to innovate what is possible through changing our relationship with our resources. Waste does not need to exist endlessly. While attending a meeting for this event, I learned that hundreds of thousands of pounds of produce are rejected each week solely on the basis of aesthetics from local farms right here in Metro Vancouver.

Two organizations, Food Connections and Farm to Food Bank, are working hard to change this. Food Connections has raised the issue of food waste, bringing the first Feeding the 5K event in Canada. Farm to Food Banks collects produce that would otherwise go to waste from local farms. Volunteers then distribute vegetables and fruit to local food banks, giving families in need healthy food choices.


For “Re-plated” it is only fitting that the wooden serving boards are made from rescued lumber. These boards are hewn from alder trees that were felled to clear farm land. By creatively working with what exists already, we can take the steps for a more sustainable and just world.

Re-plated has sold out but to stay connected for future events, be sure to join our mailing list!