Transforming the Holidays, Sparkle On

Last Friday Transformation Projects hosted the Holiday New Moon Spark Dance Party for Changemakers. Celebrating the work of those passionate for social change, this was the second annual Winter Holiday Party by Transformation Projects. This year it was hosted at the Beaumont Studios, located around the False Creek Flats.

Transformation Projects is a Vancouver special events company with a focus in public engagement. Their events are awesome, working to enhance the good work of businesses, municipalities and NGO’s. If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend one of their productions, you should definitely check them out.


The Beaumont Studios is a community based space that houses 16 shared artist studios, an art gallery and an event space. Exploring it for the first time last month, I was amazed by the diversity of studios and how it is always in use (last week there was photo shoots, flamenco dancing and all sorts of parties)


I had the opportunity to jazz up the DJ table at the Beaumont. Composing of two 9-ft columns and a horizontal stretcher, this is a custom built freestanding structure. Fabrication happened on site at both Beaumont buildings (316 and 326).


Made from dimensional lumber recovered from construction sites, the whole build has been designed so that after it’s use, everything will be taken down and all the material recovered. The slats were ripped from various off-cuts, while the frame is made from 2x4’s.

After the frames were created, the slats were laid out to be arranged. While I had a rough idea of how it would all come together, I made a sequence of measurements to be able to create a pattern that would be mirrored on both sides.

I had an amazing time connecting with new and familiar faces at the party. Thank you Adrian, Jude and the awesome crews at Transformation Projects and the Beaumont Studios for creating such an enjoyable holiday party for change makers.