What's in Store for 2016

Wishing the best holidays and a happy New Year to all! This year Uproot has a lot planned to help divert landfill bound material and bring it back into use. Currently the material section has been updated to better reflect what is available.

Working with a deconstruction company that is taking apart an old barn and farmhouse, we have a wide selection of Douglas fir. The 1x4’s are perfect for an ease of use application, such as making custom signs or frames. We have also acquired a significant amount of fir 2x4’s. These have a beautiful weathered grain pattern and are perfect for so many applications.


In addition to the large timbers of yellow cedar already on-hand, we have some cedar siding as well. This red cedar siding is cut in tongue and groove, and lends itself well to many uses.

As well as the exciting new additions, we also continue to offer dimensional lumber, graded as S-P-F (spruce, pine, fir). We are often using this for prototyping, event builds and making (non-structural) frames.

For ease of use there is a Current Stock page, which will keep updated as to what material is available as well as listing the price and dimensions. 

Again wishing everyone out there the best holidays, looking forward to an exciting new year!