Growing with the Seasons

As the last signs of autumn are stripped in bursts of rain and wind, the rhythmic pulses of nature’s cycles pass on with profound changes in every way. Left only with the memories of the long sun drenched days of the summer, we creep into the pattern of growth and rebirth. Following the bounty of those lush months, the cornucopia of the seasons withdraws to store up reserves. The air becomes crisp and the soil rebuilds as the rich palettes on leaves that graced the skylines disappear to where they came from. While these days are shorter and wetter; these cycles allow for profound changes to take hold.

The change in seasons is happening with Uproot too. As you might have noticed, the website has been altered. Changing with each passing moment, this initiative continues to develop to better serve the community of people passionate for a green and zero-waste economy. Uproot has been slowly expanding throughout the year, and just as you have to let seedlings take root and grow, this operation too requires it’s own space. Too often opportunities have had to be declined due to a lack of storage and work capacities have been limited by what is being kept on hand. Therefore, I am excited to share the great news, Uproot has acquired a space in the False Creek Flats. We are sharing this space with fellow upcycling warriors, the Woodshop Worker’s Co-op.

There are exciting developments for the future. As we witness profound shifts in the seasons, we are witnessing amazing changes at Uproot as well. While the year may be wrapping up, the journey at Uproot is just beginning. I cannot wait to share the new developments as they happen, and continue to take strides towards transformational change.