My Community Garden: Ladybug

What does it mean to have social vibrancy? One 'living' example is the Ladybug Community Garden on Commercial Drive and 8th Ave. At Ladybug, you will find an assortment of organic veggies, beautiful trees and flowers, and a thriving mason bee hive. In collaboration with CanYouDigIt, Ladybug garden started in 2009 to provide a space for residents to connect, grow and share. Since then, it has become a place of social vibrancy in the community, a place for people to sit and enjoy the natural beauty and for residents to get their hands dirty and grow delicious local food.

Ladybug remains a steadfast example of what is possible for the cities underutilized areas, as an urban intervention it is inspirational to us at Uproot. When we got a call from the garden manager for help installing some new raised beds, we jumped at the opportunity to volunteer our time. At Uproot, we strive to provide innovative, sustainable solutions to urban problems using recycled materials. The three new raised beds at Ladybug will stand as an example of what is possible using reclaimed materials to support local initiatives.