Versatile Kit that Becomes What You Need

This project developed throughout many conversations about what would be useful: mobile, reusable seating, tables and display that could be used for community events and interventions

Hoping to find other examples of this, I queried the functions required. Encouragingly I found the miLES Store Transformer, a multi-use kit that was built to transform underutilized storefronts in New York’s Lower East Side. While not providing a blueprint, their project definitely helped to inform us on the necessary functions and some examples of execution. As I had no intention of using a wall projector, wifi router or powerbars, I was able to focus in on the other aspects of this multi-use kit. 

Starting with the seats, this initial prototype helped form the basic geometry and size for the entire project. The slats are made from ripped pallets, while the structure is made from SPF (spruce, pine, fir) lumber.

The stand stacks into the double seats which are missing their tops in the photo below. Finally the skeleton of the knock-down table can be seen at an early stage on the lower left.

After the long cycles of design, prototyping and refining, we were able to create some mock-up applications for this kit. This was a really interesting build and as always, it’s fulfilling to push the boundaries of what we make out of reclaimed and salvaged materials.

If you're interested in a project like this, drop us a line, we are always looking to collaborate with people and organizations who value sustainability and functionality.