We Are All Directly Affected

At Uproot, we are proud of the steps we’ve taken towards a more sustainable future for all: we live, work and play in Vancouver and we love this city. That is precisely why we refuse to ignore the aspects of it that we find unseemly or, more importantly, unhealthy. In particular we are concerned with the accumulation of unnecessary waste in the city’s landfills. We founded Uproot in January 2015 and have since diverted over thirteen tonnes of wood-waste from the landfill. To a lesser extent we have also reclaimed fasteners, cardboard, wire and fabric. We are devoted to upcycling materials that have been unnecessarily and detrimentally designated as ‘waste.’ Our goal is to demonstrate that it is possible to harness our collective creativity and ingenuity to solve the social and environmental problems that our society currently faces.

While we are thrilled to be making our own contributions towards the fostering of a sustainable future, what’s even more exciting is when we meet people who inspire us through their work. We are not alone in our intention to change society’s collective behavior to achieve our commitment to happy people and a healthy environment. Our most recent inspiration has been the group filming a new documentary called Directly Affected. The film will follow three individuals across Canada as they discover powerful stories of innovation, activism and resilience in a country where people are standing up for a clean energy future. Directly Affected tells stories of people impacted by Kinder Morgan's proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion and communities of citizens standing up to protect their environment, economy and democracy. The film’s goal is to amplify these people’s voices: voices that may not be heard otherwise.

Now they need you to help them tell the story of what those communities are standing up for—a liveable future—and what they are up against. We at Uproot are interested in growing a community that will be resilient in the face of today's challenges. One way to build this community is to support those that dare to put themselves on the line for their cause. We were so moved by the filmmakers Mary Lovell, Zack Embree and Devon Brugge, and their commitment to our country’s future, we had to support their cause. If this resonates with you, please like, share, and contribute to their Indiegogo campaign to help them tell a story that matters and defend our future. Also check out their story on the National Observer.