Buying into Vancouver's Circular Economy

In contrast with a traditional economic model, a circular economy is one in which materials re-enter the cycle of production after they have been used. We, and others that subscribe to this model, strive to intercept waste at the point when materials no longer have use to the owner but still have inherent value. 

Because it is our passion, at Uproot, we support our local circular economy whenever possible. Capital Salvage, located on Triumph street in Vancouver, started in 1992 and is a recycling centre for materials such as wire, metals, motors, batteries and anything else you can think of. Its definitely a place you can take your time to explore and look around.


Not only do they keep waste out from the landfill by paying clients for materials they no longer have a use for, but they also process it and make it available to others in the community. They were an important part of our Toast the Coast project and we know we’ll be visiting them again.

As a precaution against metal thieves, Capital Salvage enforces regulations that require re-sellers to identify where they sourced the material from and provide identification for every transaction. If are interested in reading more about the huge variety of items they scrap and recycle, have a look here.


Capital Salvage is also active in contributing to other communities, providing a portion of their proceeds to the BC Cancer Foundation. They also offer a scrap metal fundraiser to schools and sports organizations.