Why Repairing Matters

Since establishing Uproot in January of this year, our team has diverted over thirteen tonnes of wood waste from the landfill. We focus on reclaiming wood but have also worked to up-cycle other materials, as well as giving workshops and providing salvaged material in order to inspire others. We premise our model around extending the cycle of material and through this we hope to connect with larger networks of individuals and groups working towards similar goals.

Repair Matters is an initiative we really identify with at Uproot. Through creating space for people to bring in their repair challenges, they bring together diverse groups of people willing to swap skills and share knowledge. We resonate with the idea that creative practice will change the way we live and reusing what we can is a deep need in our society. By engaging in what we are passionate about, we connect with other like-minded groups who are championing a new way of consumption: one that acknowledges that there is not an infinite amount of resources. By conserving, we will find new economies based on environmentalism, inclusion and respect for the planet.

Last month I was able to connect with the Repair Matters team at the MiniMaker Faire, and it is amazing to see all the incredible things they are doing! They are fixing all sorts of items; bikes, clothing, electronics and more. It was really exciting to be able to share knowledge, learn with others and meet some incredible people working on changing patterns of consumption.


If you have an object that you need fixing or you want to learn more about how you can repair items: check out our friends at Repair Matters. Their next event is this Saturday, July 20th at UBC Farm Homesteader Market. Hope to see you there!