Environmentally Friendly Materials Don't Dampen Quality

At Uproot, we strive to make our production processes more natural, non-toxic and ecologically sustainable. We try to use non-toxic products whenever possible, and are always experimenting with new ways to make the materials we use more environmentally friendly. Through a constant cycle of redesign, we continuously innovate ways to improve our process and in turn provide our perspective in making a shift towards a better future

Right now we are constructing an adjustable height desk, built from the platform pieces of the floating salmon installation. We have been testing out a new type of glue which is formaldehyde free, containing no aromatic oils or other compounds commonly found in adhesives. It is important to us that this formulation is rated to 4000lb strength as formaldehyde usually provides a stronger bond by breaking down and reconnecting cross linkages in wood.

Another product that we have been testing out is a water-based wood finish. Unavoidably, this still contains volatile organic compounds, however being water based means we do not need to use toxic mineral spirits to clean our brushes and equipment. It is our intention to minimize harmful by-products, eliminating our need to dispose of buckets of solvent. While this is not the end of our search for better processes, it does provide another avenue for us to continue to do our work while reducing our impact on the environment.

We have developed our own finish as well, which is completely natural and food-safe. It is composed of beeswax and other natural oils, and we apply this finish to our products whenever a full finish isn’t needed. If you are interested in learning more about natural finishes or want to exchange ideas, feel free to get in contact with us!