A Mosaic of South Vancouver: Artwork in the Neighbourhood House

Last week, the Uproot team visited the South Vancouver Neighbourhood House (SVNH) to deliver a workshop to a group of local youth.  When we were approached by the program leaders last month and requested we lead a seminar to teach kids about sustainable practices, design, creativity and entrepreneurship. We held two sessions simultaneously: one with children, aged 7-12 and the other with youth aged 13-18.

We were blown away by the creative energy of the young group: running around, collaborating and enjoying themselves. Many of these kids were from at-risk homes and we were so impressed by their demeanour and care for one another. The older kids are involved in SVNH’s Karma Connections program, which engages young people, primarily from immigrant families, in a 7-week summer program for high school students to gain volunteer opportunities, work experience and leadership skills. They focus on working with diversity, time management, public speaking, resume building and generally helping them adjust to their new community.

We facilitated an art project and several activities for the participants: we really enjoyed teaching them about iterative design, rapid prototyping, collaboration and sustainable practices. The project was meant to engage the kids and give them an opportunity to feel connected to their Neighbourhood House and larger community.


All the materials provided for the workshop were salvaged from Vancouver's waste stream and will soon be presented as a mosaic in the SVNH building on 49th and Victoria. Stay tuned in the coming months for the installation, made with love by some awesome kids! If you’re interested in learning more, volunteering or donating to their diverse programs, please check out the SVNH website and like their Facebook page here!