Street Pianos are Hitting All the Right Notes


Since 2013, Keys to the Streets has been delighting Vancouverites with summer celebrations of spontaneous musical jams. Placed at various locations throughout the city; these public pianos provide a space for improvisational gatherings, fostering connections and commemorating the importance of music. To achieve this, unplayable pianos are professionally rehabilitated and brilliantly decorated by local artists. The program connects with community stewards who are responsible for managing the pianos for summer months. They are then placed in outdoor spaces where they can be enjoyed by all.

We here at Uproot share close connections to this program. This year we were able to provide them with several piano benches made of reclaimed material as well as our own teammate Danielle painted the artwork for one of the returning pianos from last year.

Uproot piano benches before being painted

Every year Keys to the Streets continues to build their reputation, adding to their artist repertoire to include Vancouver based Ola Volo, who painted the piano for Folk Fest. This year Canadian musicians Mothermother were spotted performing their song, Worry.

If you haven’t taken a chance to play a few keys, definitely check this out wonderful initiative before it wraps up. This year they have extended the program to go into mid-September. You can find a list of locations here on their website. Another great opportunity is to join us all at the annual wrap up, Sunset Serenade. This year it is tentatively set for September 10th at Spyglass dock; stay tuned for more updates! For more information on how you can support this wonderful program or volunteer next year, check out the Keys to the Streets Facebook page or website.