Tangle and Grow at Vines Art Festival

This summer we had the opportunity to join our friend Heather Lamoureux for Vines Art Festival: a free, interdisciplinary, outdoor festival at Trout Lake in East Vancouver. As the director, Heather’s vision was to design a platform for sharing and connecting through artistic creation outdoors. On August 22nd, Trout Lake was brought to life by a transformation of the natural space with installations and performances that engaged audiences and artists. The event acknowledged the beauty of our urban, natural environment and a community’s ability to establish a space of collaboration, creativity and connection.

Natradee with all the fantastic ideas our discussion with festival-goers generated.

The Uproot team led a dialogue around art and sustainability with festival-goers; we shared our journey and learned from the community in a discussion about how we can do more for our environment and each other. There were dancers, actors, artists and musicians performing throughout the day, as well as a marketplace of local vendors.

Vines Art Festival Society is a unique not-for-profit organization with a mandate to connect communities by sharing art and ideas outdoors. We were happy to play a role in the first annual event and support Heather in creating her vision as Uproot’s shares many similarities. We work to connect people, collaborate to generate ideas and encourage action towards a sustainable future. At Vines, we had the opportunity to interact directly with our local community, share our knowledge and gain insight from the experience and ideas of our neighbours.  

Support Heather in making Vines an annual fixture at Trout Lake by contributing to Vines Art Festival Society here. We hope to see you all next year!