Halfway to the Greenest City

This summer marks the halfway point to the Greenest City Action Plan undertaken by the City of Vancouver. Since being adopted into policy in 2010, this strategy aims push Vancouver towards being a global leader in urban sustainability. Through working with Council, residents, businesses and all levels of government, the City of Vancouver is actively committed to leaving a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

The Greenest City Action Plan is an ambitious undertaking; looking to create opportunities today while building a resilient local economy. It encourages the development of vibrant and inclusive neighbourhoods while putting Vancouver on the path to becoming the greenest city in the world. The goals of this policy are divided into 10 areas. The ones that we at Uproot are actively working towards are Green Economy and Zero Waste.

Part of the Uproot team during the Greenest City Stories with @speechfromspace

Part of the Uproot team during the Greenest City Stories with @speechfromspace

Our primary process at Uproot works by diverting material destined for the landfill. Since launching in January this year, we have saved over 15 tonnes of wood material from taking up space in Burns Bog. You can see some examples of what becomes of this material here and here.

At Uproot we are working towards the goals of Green Economy through helping to develop light green industry. We are active in supporting and encouraging others to take on circular economic processes to help develop their own solutions. Earlier this year we supported our friend as he created zero-waste surfboards. We are also in the process of starting an exciting collaboration with Eco Love. It is our intention to provide a similar service on a larger scale in the future.

Tonight there is PechaKucha Night in Vancouver in collaboration with the City of Vancouver to talk about the future of the Greenest City. This event is sold out, however 60 extra tickets were released yesterday which may still be available. We’re really excited to be based in a city that is championing urban sustainability. 

There is also a Tumblr blog for the Greenest City Stories here. It’s encouraging to hear the diverse perspectives of many individuals and organizations. Have a look and maybe even share your experience!