Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

Me enjoying nature as a young child.

I grew up in BC and spent much of my childhood outdoors. You could see me smiling ear to ear walking through a creek, zig-zagging through a forest or staring in awe at tidal pools. I would read non fiction endlessly in a desire to explain everything about the natural world. Throughout my studies I learnt about the processes that degrade and damage the environment; in post-secondary I would enrich my sociology degree in electives like ecology, Aboriginal studies and political science. For a while it was easy for me to feel overwhelmed in the seeming endless amount of injustice of the past and present. It was apparent to me that there was a lack of action.

Last year I had the opportunity to go to Japan, where I got to spend a month traveling throughout the country. I was illuminated to see the over thousand year buildings in forests, the seas still teeming with fish and a country-side that remained lush in vegetation. I would admit that the urban development is gigantic, however, there were so many places that still felt unspoiled. The all-wooden construction of buildings that withstood centuries of earthquakes and wars was particularly awe inspiring.

I returned with a new-found perspective on how we can live walking lighter on the earth. I felt calm, knowing that one day knowing that I could contribute to finding environmental solutions and this has been a huge personal driving force for me and Uproot. I feel that there is a need to take direct action; that while we are living in cities, we can reduce what we are consuming as resources. Saving timbers from the landfill is a start, but I hope to work towards diverting all of Vancouver’s wood waste through creativity and innovation. If there is a project that you would like to collaborate on, connect with us here.