Kindling a Passion and Igniting a Flame of Lifelong Learning

As Uproot is in a beginning stage, it was incredibly powerful for us to be able to send our three founding members to the centre for lifelong learning at Hollyhock on Cortes Island. We rode the ferries and experienced the coastal side of British Columbia; traveled across the strait, through forests and along passages to reach our destination, the Social Venture Institute (SVI) at Hollyhock.

We attended the 20th year of SVI, which offers the mission-based entrepreneur an opportunity to share challenges, successes and experiences with peers in an atmosphere of trust. This conference is designed for value oriented enterprises to grow and operate in a socially conscious way. Since inception, SVI has delivered this format to over two thousand entrepreneurs. This conference is highly interactive and experiential: participants take on challenges through sessions such as panel discussions, case studies and one-on-one consultations. There were so many workshops and sessions, tailored for specific challenges that an organization faces. It was wonderful to share our story with so many passionate individuals and feel a connection with them and their goals.

Hollyhock is a non-profit educational institution dedicated to personal, professional and organizational development. Located on the pristine island of Cortes, SVI is only one of the over 100 social learning courses Hollyhock offers. Their programs provide high quality tools to rekindle purpose, build resiliency and cultivate personal and societal well-being. Operating for 33 years, Hollyhock has built its reputation as an international centre of learning and well-being; fostering an environment whereby individuals and organizations can advance solutions to create a better world.

It was an amazing time for us at Uproot. We got to connect with so many passionate individuals and organizations who are on the ground working towards a better future. We can't begin to thank the wonderful production team, staff and volunteers at Hollyhock for their contributions to our learning.