Healthy Living at Strathcona: An Immersive Workshop

A few weekends ago I was invited by the Strathcona Basketball Club to lead an immersive art workshop as part of their annual basketball camp. This year's theme was healthy living and community. It was incredible to get the children and youth to participate in a workshop quite different than basketball.

The Vancouver-Strathcona Basketball Club evolved from the Strathcona Basketball Program which is operated by Strathcona Community Centre and the Strathcona Community Centre Association for the past 40 years. Many of the participants, both coaches and athletes, of Vancouver-Strathcona Basketball Club are former or current members of the Strathcona Community Centre Basketball Program.

The medium which the youth painted on was recovered materials largely sourced from building theatre walls. With over 80 children and youth in attendance, the workshops were delivered over 3 different sessions throughout the day. The material was prepared in advance of the workshop, and with the help of the youth leaders, we got to do some amazing high-energy workshops.

Thank you to the organizers at Strathcona Basketball Club for including a piece on sustainability and immersive art in their basketball camp. It was incredible to share the perspective of sustainability in relation to healthy living.