Radical Offers: Ask, Source, Connect

Since starting my own journey with the RADIUS Fellowship, I have been able to continue to hone my craft, working on my personal and professional skill set while continuing to develop my own projects. RADIUS is part of SFU’s Beedie School of Business, with a mandate to support and help develop emerging changemakers. The Fellowship is one of their programs, which is designed to accelerate impact through a weekly sessions over 4 months. It has been an incredible journey to take with 21 other passionate innovators.

conAUCTION is the RADIUS Fellowship’s showcase event, where the cohort pitches their work and asks for support from the audience. In our brief 60 second pitch, we let everyone know who we are, what we are doing and most importantly; how someone can help us. Some of the asks from last night; setting up a non-profit funding structure, creating a media campaign and building web infrastructure. My ask was connections to community groups, youth groups and educators, as through Uproot I would like to expand our workshops.

Brent wrapping up the night's pitches

Brent wrapping up the night's pitches

The atmosphere was electric with over 120 attendees. Having spent the last several months with my peers, it was incredible to hear each one of them share their work, speak to their passions and bring out some vulnerability.

Throughout the night I met so many individuals who have been very generous to help support in whatever way possible. Part of the buzz around conAUCTION is finding the people who have offered to help you.

While the program is beginning to wrap up, I am excited to see how everyone’s work continues to develop. Huge thank you to the RADIUS team for putting all of this together, our phenomenal instructor Tamara and Chali-Rosso Gallery for hosting us.